Fencing for your Pool

Spring is here, and lots of folks have pools on their mind. Don’t forget about the fence that goes around your pool! It goes without saying that the number one purpose of your pool enclosure is safety. The requirement for a pool fence are different from the requirements for other types of fencing. Pool fences must be tighter, with smaller openings, so that little hands and feet can’t climb over them.

Of course, most of us also want our pool enclosures to look beautiful. Many prefer black aluminum or all black chain link fencing for their pool; Diamond Fence specializes in these.

Diamond Fence are experts at pool enclosures. We have been doing pool fencing in Springfield MA and surrounding areas for 35 years, and we understand how to keep your pool safe, enjoyable, and beautiful for years to come. Call Rick at Diamond Fence today for a free estimate, and enjoy the benefits of care free pool ownership!