Galvanized Fencing

Many people don’t realize that not all chain link fences are created equal. The chain link fencing on offer at your local home improvement store is probably of a much lower quality than the fencing offerend by the professionals at Diamond Fence.

Chain link fencing comes in different gauges, which are indicated by numbers. The higher the number, the lower the quality. The fencing sold in most home improvement stores is 11 or 12 gauge. Diamond Fence never installs  a fence higher than a 9 gauge. Our fences are just stronger and better quality; that is all there is to it.

Many prefer a vinyl coated fence: Diamond Fence has been installing vinyl coated fences for years.

When you spend your hard earned money on a fence, you want it to last more than a month or a year, and with the quality products and workmanship offered by Diamond Fence, you can be sure that your fence will last a lifetime. We have been installing fencing in Springfield, MA and surrounding areas for 35 years; call us today!